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Glimpse From Another Dimension
glimpse |glimpse| noun a momentary or partial view : she caught a glimpse of the ocean | a glimpse into the world of the wealthy. verb [ trans. ] see or perceive briefly or partially : he glimpsed a figure standing in the shade. • [ intrans. ] archaic shine or appear faintly or intermittently : glowworms glimpsing in the dark. ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense [shine faintly] ): probably of Germanic origin; related to Middle High German glimpse, also to glimmer .Phenomenon

1 a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, esp. one whose cause or explanation is in question: glaciers are unique and interesting natural phenomena.
• A remarkable person, thing, or event.
2 Philosophy Object: the object of a person’s perception; what the senses or the mind notice.

I believe that spiritual energy incorporates nature, to show-off faint replications of perhaps what once was, perhaps a living person who once was or currently is–alive. This is as far as my thinking has taken me and I have not one shred of evidence that supports this thinking. I am merely an observer.

Another theory I have is this. If we incorporate the grade-school science theory of Plants producing oxygen and people carbon dioxide thus balancing the circle of life on this planet then let’s assume that Plants absorb not only the carbons we produce but also our experiences, our emotions, our feelings and our intelligence.

Is it theoretically impossible that trees are limited by what they absorb to that of only the carbon dioxide animals and humans provide or do they absorb more than that? And, Let’s assume for just a moment that plant life does absorb more than just carbons. Let’s assume that they can replicate what they experience, that plant life possesses intelligence, that this is a way for plant life to recreate facets of its’ experience. I know one thing for sure. You’ll not find me responsible for destroying a tree-ever.

I believe that plant life has a structured hierarchy. I believe that microscopic organisms have intelligence and are a part of that hierarchy. (More on this later)
Since the days of first becoming aware of this existence, I have deduced, by both accident and trial, that there is a connection that links together what makes for a strong showing of spiritual energy in nature and art as well.

The basic common denominators that I have determined as fail proof are the following:

Circumstance: What happened in that particular area? Some lands are dammed tainted by an event of human injustice. Spiritual energy seems to be very pronounced where grave civil atrocities have occurred.

Water (large bodies of water or streams and rivers)

Wooded areas that, (And this is where it starts to get odd, as if any of this is not already seemingly odd,)–Truck stops. That’s right, truck stops. “I think the engines may produce energy that spiritual energy can in some way utilize as a vehicle.” “It’s merely a theory.”

The days and nights of, just before, and the day after full moon.

Cemeteries- Forget about it, Nothing there but dead people.

The connection that I made in making the above deductions came as a result of living on property where I became acquainted with a more than 300 year old oak tree which is at present dying as a result of an incurable oak tree disease that is sweeping this region of the country.

But what that tree has taught me is immeasurable and the life yet contained in it drove me to the brink of near insanity until I resolved the truths that it, or the spirits with in it, had to convey.

That tree educated me about our History. For one, the civil war. History and the writers of history concerning the Civil war were far from honest in what they reported, or failed to report.
(More on this Later)

Until last year, I had never given thought to such terms as Channeling. But because I was so drawn to the tree for reasons I had not then understood, I spent a great deal of time in the yard near that tree, often engaging in my hobby which is water color painting.

I begin to notice things about the paintings that I would work on For one I used canvas designed not so much for water colors but more for acrylics. Watercolor painting is not so forgiving as other types of painting. If you use the media that is more often prescribed for that type of artwork– which is a very absorbent paper–You stand a much bigger chance in ruining your art if you should make a mistake. Instead, I prefer using a slick, coated canvass material which is more suitable for acrylics.

What I began to notice was that the colors of paint that I would use would begin to meld together and take on a formation that I was not responsible for. I would literally begin to see the formation of unusual images. And, as the images would begin to take unusual shape, faces and often times words and phrases would take shape. I know how crazy this must sound to some who will read this. This is my truth.

I would then become supportive of the intent that I believed was being driven and facilitated by an energy form that I had by then deduced was the vehicle driving the colors on my canvas. And it was then that I decided to allow my art work to create itself and my role would be to facilitate that force of energy with the tools it needed-paint.

From those experiences in particular I have learned everything that I have spoke of in this blog so far. The art is the meat and potatoes of the education I have so far achieved and written here thus far. I have proven my theories, at least to myself, over and over. I don’t question what I speak of concerning most aspects of my pioneering efforts. Not anymore.

What I have gone through, to get to this level of understanding, let me just say that it wasn’t free or without cost. It wasn’t at all–not discounting the emotional toll and quite frankly the physical. Achieving the knowledge I have achieved to this point, often causes me to question, “Has it been worth it?” I cannot at this point answer, but cling to the belief that one day I will be able to say, “Yes.” It was and is, worth it.” (More on this later)

The Following was taken from a journal that I began more than ten years ago. My intentions are to someday write a more complete account of what I can now only account for as, phenomenon.


Spirit, What? Voodoo, who do you think your fooling?
You die. You’re dead, nothing more, forever more. I’m a thirty-five year old male. It’s November 1998.

I am as objectively as I dare measure, a man whose virtues are simple, and rarely easy to achieve. Clumsy, Accident prone, not good with math or anything complicated. I’m not a, “fix it,” man. Get rid of it if you can afford to—my personal philosophy.

I don’t enjoy television much. I’m not a collector of anything. I’ve never laid claim to any hobby. And Patience, I have but a few left. I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of nature but the idea of camping anywhere less than a Sheraton has never really appealed to me.

I’ve always thought of myself as a realist. Cut the fluff and give me the facts. My problem solving skills are usually the result of trial by error
or processes of elimination—procedural and step by step. Put it together first and then read the directions. In addition I suppose You might define me a conservative with no interests in futuristic or science fiction and by no means a “Trek-y.”

I further believe that it would be a fair self-examination to portray myself as a man who developed as a result of my people’s teachings. I was taught right from wrong. Instilled in me are the beliefs that you should expect to be treated as you treat others.

There are people who have lived out their lives, expired in death, housed no religious convictions, yet operated by similar standards of mores and values. There are those who live today who do not posses spiritual attachments in the religious sense but still yet believe in the standards of living by the golden rule.

As I look back at the most awesome months, as I will surely ever live, I sit here amazed that I came through it a whole person. But in fact, I’m a whole lot better of a person. I have evolved into the person that I have always wanted to be, the person that I’ve always known that I was.

Of course there will be skeptics of my truths; of this I am sure. I have prepared myself for this. I have been through the frustration of questioning everything that I speak of in these writings, yet I don’t have a better or more honest explanation of the one represented here.

Telling my truth will no doubt bring about a great deal of skepticism? I have alienated many who were close to me, who cannot accept that what happened to me was actual or real.

Finally, I have satisfied a quest with the aide of a spirit for defining what love is, instead of what it is not. “Everything that love is not is nothing at all.”

First, let me begin my clarifying that I have never really regarded myself as, “artistic.”
I have become more so by default than by interest. Secondly, I have come to believe that spiritual energy comes into our existence in art and represents its own existence—through art.

I have further come to believe that art is a creation that spiritual energy employs to have itself become recognized and does so by a means of more than just the influences we obtain through imagination or unfounded inspiration. Art is an accomplishment of more than the creative minds and hands of those who many times claim artistic creation. I believe we are driven by inspiration not of this realm.

Let me further say that there are those who in fact are truly artistic. That the art they create is truly artistic and beautiful and wonderful. I find myself sometimes envious that I do not share in their ability. My ability to produce appealing art is not where my interests lye. My interests are more in developing an understanding of why spiritual energy uses color and art to have its say here in this plane of existence. My interests are to understand more about what spiritual energy is.

Is it spirits of the past, ghosts? Trapped Souls caught between this existence and the next? Is the veil thin as is being suggested? I don’t know what it is, just that it is something. I am a pioneer. I don’t claim to know much, but I see much that I don’t understand and that’s what fascinates me and drives my interests.

Spiritual energy has the desire to be recognized I used the word desire because that is what I believe. What I have yet to form an opinion on is, “Why.”

Thinning of the Veil ?

There is much to be understood and perhaps with my current understanding—misunderstood about this Phenomenon. But one thing is certain, I understand that I am blessed or perhaps cursed with the obsession to see beyond the veil what I am not yet ready to comprehend.

I see a kaleidoscope of color, texture, and light. I pursue this oddity of perception that is slightly beyond my grasp, sometimes to the point of a painful visual squint. There are those who have described me to their children as a man with a colorful imagination, others smile at me with a sympathetic nod as if to say, “poor soul.”

I no longer struggle to convince anyone of anything these days, least of all myself. In the beginning obsession would be a fair description of the determination I had to have all that I questioned—answered. Fear of insanity or at least the beginning of it haunted me. In the early days I would struggle in vain to interpret for those I wanted to witness my newly discovered phenomenon. The outcome of such efforts has rarely gone in a direction that either they or I would deem a mutual and momentous sixth sense awakening. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” You can’t ask someone to see what they simply cannot. Furthermore, my exhibits left me looking none the wiser, or worse, a know-it-all spiritualist guru desperate and frustrated from the failure to convey what it was I hoped my words and descriptions would.

The days of questioning my own sanity along with my colorful imagination have also been laid to rest. “I’ve bee tested.” I’m not schizophrenic and question where there are those who are impaired by their fantastic interpretation of sight. Is the veil thinner still—for them? Is it so incredibly overwhelming that only a medication can stifle such interpretations?

I am not alone in my sight. I won’t dismiss the reality of what I know as truth. From Time to time I do seek affirmation from those who share with me this gift, but even so, the need for this lessens as time grows and veil becomes thinner. I now count myself as gifted, a seer.

Paul Roberts

These photos capture an essence of nature that represents what I believe to be a super-natural existence. It’s life is more than just that of a tree. But what that life is, is the mystery that I have yet been able to define.



The above Photo was taken at a camp ground in central Mo. It is a seed pod from a bush that I felt drawn to. This is an enlarged photo. The seed pod that measures approximately 1″ X 2″ .