April Photos And Video

A Note From The Author:

Photos like these and all the others I use on this blog or any other posting are a reflection of my own personal interpretation. I have found that in nature, particularly in trees, that there is an uncanny mystique about them that in many cases reflect a human side, or at least an imitation of humans. What I see may be a reflection of martians from outer
space in reality, but I’ve never met one who identified themselves to me as a martian so I can’t say I’ve ever met one. Here’s what I’ve observed and what I hope is that I can share
with you a reflection of the very moment I opened the shutter to capture any given image that you see on this blog and so with integrity.

“It was as if the landscape was changing and evolving right in front of me. It was progressive and alluring and at moments intimidating.” “That’s me…Elvis Anderson.” “And I just said that?”

“Not Newsweek Worthy?” That depends on who you’re asking.

What do you see in this video?

Lyrics and arrangement performed by Elvis Anderson Sounds Like Hope.


Pay particular attention to the 3 and 7 minute marker.

Please, use the comment box.

This is raw unedited video of a wooded area near Mcdonalds at the intersection of Hwys 412 and 540 in Springdale, Arkansas.

TURN AUDIO DOWN for this one.
The day I shot this I called a dear friend to report to her what I had seen and captured on video. I won’t tell you what I described for her, not yet I was in a mild state of shock, didn’t want to admit it. It was a surreal and enchanting ride, and very weird. But it was great! Just Great! This is the most charged encounter I have yet to have. My friend was not shocked, however. And That to me is refreshing and I thank you for it.

Pay particular attention to the 3 and 7 minute marker.








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