From The Author:

I had in times past made a commitment –of

sorts– to use as little, if any, photo

enhancements when editing these

photographs. And..I never again want to be

accused of interpreting imagery of art or

perception of art for another. For one it’s a

kill-joy. It’s like someone telling you the

punch line before the joke.

I am, however, technologically retarded when

it comes to camera’s. I despise instruction

books, maybe it’s A.D.D. But for whatever

reason I have yet to exercise the challenge of

over coming that dread. “Read

Instructions,” I know, I know, I know.

Thank goodness camera’s have become

automated and user friendly more so now

that ever, Else I would get fewer good shots

than I now get, I would guess.

For me it’s jack-pot bulls-eye or crap-out

and delete when it comes to good shots Vs.

the deletes. And while It is in my heart to

capture the essence of my photography the

natural, or perhaps super-natural, with an

impression of exactly what I see, with no

prejudices–well that’s too seldom for my

own pleasure. I have found that to be so

rare that I am left with bowing down to

enhancement in editing.

But let be clear about one point. I am a

visual artist, by virtue of all the experiences I

speak of with regard to this subject: Nature

spirits. I have no desire to create what

seems like in many cases mean cartoon

characters, or worse-“And I cringe when I hear

this word being used to describe these

images–“Evil.” I’m not an evil person and I

am not interested in catering to those who

might define themselves as evil. I don’t wish

to proliferate evil.

For example, popular opinion, and that word

in particular have been used on more than

one occassion to describe the following

photos. These were taken on the evening of

February 27 2009 from the 8th floor balcony

of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. in Fayetteville


“Ominous,” ok…”But Evil, Cmon.” I ‘m not

sure what havoc, if any, these super natural

life forms are responsible for in that world,

but some I imagine. For All I know they may

be the good guys and gals. I know I cannot

say that but life forms have wreaked. But for

all I know these who look like the meanest

might just me angels in disguise, for their

protection. It may be their defense against

spiritual entities that don’t represent

themselves in the same way these seem to.

Merely speculation. And I, ladies and

gentlemen am merely an observer.







2 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. Amazing! NOT evil at all. That is fear born of ignorance, nothing more. I,too, have captured nature spirits as well as sky dweller beings. (smile) and this is lovely!

    If the site still exists, you should view I haven’t been there in a while, but there you will find more images such as your own, and there is NOTHING evil in them either.

    Bravo, friend!

  2. Exceptional pictures. The camera does not lie. We are not alone at all in this planet. We are surrounded by all types of spirits. I do believe they are real. Wonderful work. Hope to see more in the future.

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