Strange Trees With Weed

me for the book

When I began this journey some ten years ago, my motives for proving the existence of, and still I’m not sure of what–but I will call them nature spirits because that is where I find my subjects to photograph–In nature. More specifically, the scenic nature of NW Arkansas, and the enchanting Elk River.


Ten years ago I was just trying to prove my sanity concerning the business of nature spirits, “Psst…People in trees that were sorta there, but not.” I Have since given up on that idea. Besides, I’m a few years older now and proving my sanity has become much less important. Can anyone tell me what sanity really is anyway?

Forget about it.


Strange Trees With Weed came about jokingly as I was sharing a folder of photos on my pc’s Desk Top Labeled, “Weed.” I have been the butt of many jokes with regard to my visionary interests. This is not leading up to an admission of, “Weed use.” I just thought it was a catchy fit for a book about “Tree People.”


I have concluded many theories in my pioneering efforts only to conclude that I don’t know a whole lot more than I did from when I started this journey. I am still a hopeful pioneer and faithful that more will be revealed.

In the early days I had theorized that that only full moons and galactic events brought about any noticeable showing of Nature spirits . Not so anymore. I do still contend that the showing of of nature spirits do make appearances without without these contributing factors but are still much more prolific and active when these events occur.

I am not an astrologist, not even a clue why nor an interest in new age religion, the occult, UFOs, or anything else that might distract me gaining the truth about what it is that I am observing. I am open-minded to ideas and theories and welcome scientific insight, but for now I am content to simply observe and and take solace and comfort in knowing that what I am seeing stems from something greater than just my colorful imagination. To those more knowledgeable in this area, I would be regarded as, let’s say a preschooler. I am fine with that.

Here are some attributes and conditions that insure greater probability in locating nature spirits.

Circumstance: What happened in that particular area. Is the land tainted by an event of injustice. Places where grave civil atrocities have occurred.

Water (large bodies of water or streams and rivers)

Wooded areas that–Truck stops. My theory is the heavy generation of electro magnetic energy conducted by a steady roar of trucks turning in one way and exiting another thus creating a steady flow of electro magnetic energy.

The days and nights of, just before, and the day after a full moon.

Cemeteries- Forget about it, Nothing there but dead people, mostly.

But there has been one change. The characteristic details and visibility of these spirits, at least to me, has become much more organized and easier to spot. Progressively. Some would argue that that is because I am so focused, that I have trained my vision to a awareness level given the amount of time and attention that I spend in pursuit of these entities. Perhaps my critics would argue that these entities or spirits are coincidental or if in fact they are spirits they are no more e organized now than ever before . After all, there is nothing new or under the sun.

I can’t give an answer for that except to say that I have known from day one that the appearance of these spirits would grow increasingly organized over time. But I also believed that this would occur much further in time than what I would live to see.

To only a select few have I revealed the details of the most fantastic experiences that Most simply could not allow them themselves to believe. I’m not going to share these experiences for now at the risk that my credibility be jeopardized should I decide to do serious research in this field of study in the future. But I will Give You a small hint. Spirits are not without Weight. They have inertia.

I recently met a man who became interested in what I was photographing while at one of my favorite spiritual locations. When I shared with him some of my theories, my interests, experiences and findings, He said something very alarming to me.

He said, “Our next big war won’t be with other people, it’s going to be with nature.”

Perhaps he is right.

Mr. King! Mr. King, Where are you ? “Have I have a book idea for you!”

The photographs in this book were selected by virtue of quality-Firstly, but also variety in colors. When observing nature spirits I envision the landscape as if I am wearing 3-D glasses. A teacher once told me, ” You should never attempt to interpret art for another lest you rob them the joy of there own perception. I think this is true. So I have selected photos from my collection that exhibit the best examples of my findings in nature.

I have found that in nature, particularly in trees, that there is an uncanny mystique about them that in many cases reflect a human side, or at least an imitation of humans. What I see may be a reflection in Martians from outer space in reality, but I’ve never had a tree identify themselves to me as a Martian so I can’t say that a tree is a reflection of anything other than just a tree. Here’s what I’ve observed and what I hope is that I can share with you– a reflection of the very moment I opened the shutter to capture these images.

For getting the maximum benefit of a glimpse into the world of nature spirits from this book or ideally in nature itself, I suggest looking at them as if you were looking through 3-D glasses. Visually separate the colors and shadows bringing the lighter colors forward and the darker colors to the back.

The most important thing to remember about a nature spirit? They cannot hurt you. I should add that there was however a time or two that one of them came close to causing me to hurt myself. I should also mention that upon discovering your first nature spirit-your hooked.

I sometimes sit in one of my favorite nature spots for a few hours at a time and what
I have come to know about them is that they know and recognize that I am seeing them. I just sit. I won’t take any pictures, write, paint or anything at all that would disturb the quietness. At times I find that I will drift into a slightly meditative state and there is where I become most connected to my occupied environment.

I am not sure why I practice a certain reverence in my behavior when I’m in the observing mode. But I feel that it works for me. It is a consciousness and quite intentional and I suppose on some level it is out of respect–for them.

I sit still, in one place as if I were a deer hunter, not hiding, just still. I am quiet. I don’t engage them even though I find that they will attempt to engage me sometimes. I won’t elaborate on this further. Sorry, for professional reasons This, I feel, must to remain a mystery.

When I am ready to leave I stand up and verbally thank those who are closest for allowing me to spend time with them. That’s it. I turn and walk away.

I suggest that if you become attuned and feel that you are being engaged. Ignore it completely. Requests, pleas for help or assistance, suggestions are common. Spirits are like living beings in the sense that there are some good and some bad. Even those that may appear as angels of light might not be so angelic. They are capable of lying.


1 a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, esp. one whose cause or explanation is in question: glaciers are unique and interesting natural phenomena.

• A remarkable person, thing, or event.
2 Philosophy Object: the object of a person’s perception; what the senses or the mind notice.

The Following was taken from a journal that I began more than ten years ago. My intentions are to someday write a more complete account of what I can now only account for as, phenomenon.

Spirit, What? Voodoo, who do you think your fooling?
You die. You’re dead, nothing more, forever more. I’m a thirty-five year old male. It’s November 1998.

I am as objectively as I dare measure, a man whose virtues are simple, and rarely easy to achieve. Clumsy, Accident prone, not good with math or anything complicated. I’m not a, “fix it,” man. Get rid of it if you can afford to—my personal philosophy.

I don’t enjoy television much. I’m not a collector of anything. I’ve never laid claim to any hobby. And Patience, I have but a few left. I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of nature but the idea of camping anywhere less than a Sheraton has never really appealed to me.

I’ve always thought of myself as a realist. Cut the fluff and give me the facts. My problem solving skills are usually the result of trial by error
or processes of elimination—procedural and step by step. Put it together first and then read the directions. In addition I suppose You might define me a conservative with no interests in futuristic or science fiction and by no means a “Trek-y.”

I further believe that it would be a fair self-examination to portray myself as a man who developed as a result of my people’s teachings. I was taught right from wrong. Instilled in me are the beliefs that you should expect to be treated as you treat others.

There are people who have lived out their lives, expired in death, housed no religious convictions, yet operated by similar standards of mores and values. There are those who live today who do not posses spiritual attachments in the religious sense but still yet believe in the standards of living by the golden rule.

As I look back at the most awesome months, as I will surely ever live, I sit here amazed that I came through it a whole person. But in fact, I’m a whole lot better of a person. I have evolved into the person that I have always wanted to be, the person that I’ve always known that I was.

Of course there will be skeptics of my truths; of this I am sure. I have prepared myself for this. I have been through the frustration of questioning everything that I speak of in these writings, yet I don’t have a better or more honest explanation of the one represented here.

Telling my truth will no doubt bring about a great deal of skepticism? I have alienated many who were close to me, who cannot accept that what happened to me was actual or real.

Are these spirits from those who once lived, ghosts? Trapped Souls caught between this existence and the next? Is the veil thin as is being suggested? I don’t know what it is, just that it is something. I am a pioneer. I don’t claim to know much, but I see much that I don’t understand and that’s what fascinates me and drives my interests.

Spiritual energy has the desire to be recognized I used the word desire because that is what I believe. What I have yet to form an opinion on is, “Why.”

Thinning of the Veil ?

There is much to be understood and perhaps with my current understanding—misunderstood about this Phenomenon. But one thing is certain, I understand that I am both blessed and cursed with the psddion to see beyond the veil. There is something for me to learn and I am not sure what that lesson is, not yet anyway.

What I see is a kaleidoscope of color, texture, and light. I pursue this oddity of perception that is slightly beyond my grasp, sometimes to the point of a painful visual squint. There are those who have described me to their children as a man with a colorful imagination, others smile at me with a sympathetic nod as if to say, “poor soul.”

I no longer struggle to convince anyone of anything these days, least of all myself. In the beginning, “obsession,” would be a fair description for the measure of determination I embraced to have all that I questioned—answered.

Fear of insanity or at least the beginning of it haunted me. In the early days I would struggle in vain to interpret for those I wanted to witness my newly discovered phenomenon. These spirits were not quite so organized in their appearance ten years ago, so it was much more difficult to illustrate what it was I was trying to relate. The outcome of such efforts has rarely gone in a direction that either they or I would deem a mutual and momentous sixth sense awakening. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” You can’t ask someone to see what they simply cannot. Furthermore, my exhibits left me looking none the wiser, or worse, a know-it-all spiritualist guru desperate and frustrated from the failure to convey what it was I hoped my words and descriptions would.

This is not for everyone. If you intentionally purchased this book because you have an interest in this phenomenon and you have continued to read to this point then there is a very strong possibility that you will be rewarded with what you hope to achieve.

If, on the other hand, this book was given to you as a gift then you may not accomplish having read to this point and will simply thumb through the pictures , and mentally note those of interest and say to yourself, “That’s interesting,” then either toss the book on the shelf with the others or re-gift it.

The days of questioning my own sanity along with my colorful imagination have also been laid to rest. “I’ve been tested.” I’m not schizophrenic and question where there are those who are impaired by their fantastic interpretation of sight. Is the veil thinner still—for them? Is it so incredibly overwhelming that only a medication can stifle such interpretations?

I am not alone in my sight. I won’t dismiss the reality of what I know as truth. From Time to time I do seek affirmation from those who share with me this gift, but even so, the need for this lessens as time grows and veil becomes thinner. I now count myself as gifted, a seer.

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  1. Hey you. I found your site. I joined I’m impressed with your blog page. I never had a blog page and I don’t know what to do with it. This is very interesting and I look forward to learn more about the Tree People. Stay in touch.

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